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Legacy Leaving Gifts

As you fill the pages of your Grace Upon Grace journal with prayer, scripture, thoughts, art, photos, or memories of moments with your loved ones that you want never to forget… you are creating a legacy for future generations to hold dear for years to come. What better way to be remembered in the hearts and memories of those we hold dear than with a beautifully hand-crafted journal filled with heartfelt hopes, prayers, and dreams penned by you.

*The little one in this picture is our sweet neighbor. She is holding a Grace Upon Grace Memory Journal made from traditional Indian clothing worn by she and her mom on special occasions. When you send memorable pieces of your children’s clothing, I turn them into these precious keepsakes. You can order yours in our shop today.


All Grace Upon Grace prayer journals are hand-made and hand-bound by artisan RobinAnn Sila. Each cover is hand crafted with 100% cotton fabrics, up-cycled clothing, and recycled vintage linens & quilt pieces donated by our supporters.


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