Maker Spotlight: Anna McClure


Anna McClure


The name Emersyn & June, was created in remberance of two very special women in my life. One a dear friends middle name who was taken from this world too young- Emersyn. June was my dear grandmothers middle name, who I was honored to care for in the summer of 17' while she battled with brain cancer. I wanted to honor both their hearts and the loved they showed. Making a positive to a time of negative........Emersyn & June was created. Est 2017. Hi my name is Anna. I am the face behind E&J, nice to meet you. I love to create all things, I quilt, crochet, knit. paint, redo furniture, have a nail salon, and love to be in my garage with my power tools. However NOTHING has given me more purpose that creating inspiration, biblical or custom jewelry pieces for you all to wear. It was a small dream that the good Lord continues to bless. I am so forever grateful. From the design of the necklace, the head pin perfectly adorned to the bead, to the packaging it is all handmade by yours truly in the basement of my home studio. I don't think there is anything more amazing that a handmade item to give or to receive. I started this small business in hopes to share the love of Jesus in each pendant, from a bible verse to a signature keepsake of a loved one, I wanted to create something that was specific and spoke to you. Something you could wear all day to remind you how much we are loved. I also love nothing more than putting a smile on someones face, just being able to use the gift God has blessed me with the create, and share it with you all is a true blessing to me. I told myself many years ago that jewelry wasn't for me, but I love it so much I keep adding to the mediums I use.

Jeremy Sila