RobinAnn is a self-taught, abstract watercolor artist and textile artisan from Mississippi. While she has been creating art in various forms throughout her life. it was not until 2015, after having to retire from her teaching career and relocating to Texas, that she began focusing on her art.

From her earliest memory and throughout her teen years she had an inept need to create in some form… whether through coloring, drawing, or painting. Once having children, she began to create with them and feels that is when she found the true joy in the creative process. This joy was not found in a perfected piece of art… rather it was found in the process of creating. She and her children would use what they had around the house or they would find things on their walks to create “beautiful messes” that ended up being treasured pieces of art. RobinAnn included, “They were always so thrilled with each creation, which gave me a stronger passion to continue learning a variety of art mediums. Art journaling became a way of teaching myself through trial and error.”

RobinAnn can now be found, on most days, in her Art Studio creating journals for others or filling her own journals with moments to remember, prayer, and art. “I’ve heard often that we should go where the peace is, and for me spending time communicating with God through art expression is my peaceful place. God always shows up and continues to guide me each step of the way,” she concluded.