Why I created my first GraceUponGrace Prayer Journal……

In October 2015 we moved from our small hometown of Summit, Mississippi to the third largest city in the USA…Houston, Texas. This move came just one month after our youngest child graduated from college, got married and moved to Alabama……….so many changes were hitting us all at once!

For the first time we had no children at home…. we were moving from a small town to a HUGE city…… we downsized from our four-bedroom home to a two-bedroom apartment…..my husband changed jobs….. and I was no longer teaching first grade. Due to a twenty-eight year long battle with aggressive Rheumatoid Auto Immune Disease my body couldn’t hold up and it impossible to continue teaching the children I loved so dearly. Our lives seemed unrecognizable.

After packing the house one day, before the big moving day….. I watched “War Room”. The movie echoed my deep love of and firm belief in the power of prayer. This movie set my creative heart on a journey to make my very own "traveling" war room. I took scrap fabrics from my children's baby clothing and began to make the cover for the first Grace Upon Grace Prayer Journal. The inside of the journal was then compiled of any papers I had in my "creative stash".... and then I hand-bound it on the kitchen floor with a nail and hammer.... and the @graceupongrace journey began. 

This has been quite a beautiful unfolding of my wings…. after-all… isn’t that what new seasons are all about???….. learning not just to fly, but realizing it’s TIME to do just that….. and when God gives you a spouse, children and sisters that believe in and encourage you to live your God-given purpose …. you find yourself soaring.

I am blessed to be joined by my sister in Christ, Kim Killough, in creating each GraceUponGrace journal using the sewing skills her mother, Grace Wood, taught us over 28 years ago. As we design and create each one-of-a-kind journal, we pray for it's recipient. It is our hope that the time spent writing prayers and/or creating art in your journal will bring you closer to our Father and usher you into more meaningful conversations with Him at the throne of grace.

If we ask God for a calm, thankful heart that sees all the blessings His grace imparts, He can teach us many lessons in illness that can never be learned in health.
— David Jeremiah

RobinAnn is a self-taught, abstract watercolor artist and textile artisan from Mississippi. While she has been creating art in various forms throughout her life. it was not until 2015, after having to retire from her teaching career and relocating to Texas, that she began focusing on her art.

From her earliest memory and throughout her teen years she had an inept need to create in some form… whether through coloring, drawing, or painting. Once having children, she began to create with them and feels that is when she found the true joy in the creative process. This joy was not found in a perfected piece of art… rather it was found in the process of creating. She and her children would use what they had around the house or they would find things on their walks to create “beautiful messes” that ended up being treasured pieces of art. RobinAnn included, “They were always so thrilled with each creation, which gave me a stronger passion to continue learning a variety of art mediums. Art journaling became a way of teaching myself through trial and error.”

RobinAnn can now be found, on most days, in her Art Studio creating journals for others or filling her own journals with moments to remember, prayer, and art. “I’ve heard often that we should go where the peace is, and for me spending time communicating with God through art expression is my peaceful place. God always shows up and continues to guide me each step of the way,” she concluded.