Handmade. Heartfelt. Hopeful.


I’m beyond thankful for our friendship.
— Heather

Since college, I’ve been able to enjoy Robin’s God-given gift of creativity! She taught me how to scrapbook, make homemade cards, and more than anything, she shared so much wisdom and guidance with me. I’m beyond thankful for our friendship. When I first heard about these journals, my mind was thinking of covered composition notebooks. When I opened the package and saw the hand-bound, hand-stitched journal, I was in tears. Knowing Robin, I wasn’t surprised. Because that girl is gifted. But when I think about the crippling illness that takes over her body (RA), I was just so amazed and in awe that God allows her to do all of this. But. God. 

Every person I’ve given a journal to has been so impressed with all of the tiny details. They make a wonderful gift, but it’s ok to get one (or two) for yourself, too. 


So thankful for a friend who uses her gifts for such an amazing ministry! 



Truly a special gift made with love and prayer!
— Michele

I gifted this sweet book to Brynn and her momma….they are truly a special gift made with love and prayer!!! (You know when momma to be opens the gift and her friends say “don’t forget me” that you’ve made a great choice…so there will be more journals needed)….thank you Grace Upon Grace for my last minute special gift and the love you shared in making it….I think the tow of them go together perfect…



Thank u for this this precious gift that will be used in praying for my children
— Jennifer

This is when I was explaining to MaryDudley what this journal is and how I plan to use it. I told her I look forward to writing down many prayers for her and her brothers and seeing how God will conform them to Himself. What a treasure to have as mom. To share my heart with the Lord through prayer and know He hears me.



I absolutely love and adore my lil purse scripture journal that Robin created for me.
— Christine

The personlization and detail that she put into it is so beautiful. My daughters love looking through it and adding little quotes as well. We love reading our Bible and writing scriptures in my little journal. I carry it in my purse all the time. Thank you Robin! I will be ordering again soon! 

Such detail was added to the stitching of my journal.. Robin even included a page with a scripture beautifully written, a little page from my favorite tea room. She will do her best to make your journal special. She even prays over the journal before it's delivered to you! Love love it!